Sunday, December 31, 2006

Fragmented ideas

Yesterday I was in the subway, thinking about the things that one thinks while riding a subway, bus, or other means of transport. And how Ideas are born.

Mostly, Ideas are born in completely random moments, and if one doesn't pay attention to them, they tend to disappear. Sometimes, in another trip, the Idea returns and eventually continues to grow in your head. But the train reaches the station one was going to, and the Idea returns to the sea of the Unconscious.

How many of the important decisions we make in our everyday life are the result of the gathering of these fragmented ideas?

Yesterday I was in the subway, thinking about creating a Blog to write the things I think about while I'm in the subway; this Idea had reached my mind in some 7 or 8 past trips, and had been discarded for several absolutely unimportant reasons.

If this Blog is continued or if it is only another fragment, floating, completely unlinked from the rest of reality, remains to be seen.